Sensory Friendly Training 

Learn how to confidently create experiences that are sensory-friendly, accessible, and inclusive for your customers and team, as part of your commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 


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Ignite your DEI initiatives with comprehensive sensory-friendly training and materials

  • Access multiple training courses and free BONUS materials through either Fundamentals or All Access Membership.
  • Convenient, at-your-own-pace, online learning available to you 365 days a year.
  • Attract a growing, underserved market of customers who experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.
  • Communicate your deep commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) to your customers and team alike.
  • #JoinTheMission and be a part of #TrainAMillion to make the world more sensory-friendly by offering  #LessBusyLessNoisyLessBright events, locations and experiences.
  • Why membership access to training? You get easy and instant access to multiple training courses, updates as they occur, new courses as they are developed, and a ton of BONUS materials the moment they are added.  

Trusted By:

"I have single-sided deafness and often struggle with loud or crowded environments.

The Sensory Friendly 101 Training (Fundamentals  Membership) not only helped me better understand my own sensory experience and triggers but will guide me in making my own art shows more accessible to others."


Kristen Herrington, Artist


The Case for Being Sensory-Friendly

Think that being sensory-friendly isn’t something your business or organization needs to do?


Think again!  With our membership program, you will learn how to be accessible and inclusive for everyone, making a larger impact than you would think.

Children, adults, and seniors alike often find events, locations, and experiences too busy, too, noisy and too bright.

Make your business more accessible and inclusive for well over 1 in 3 customers, at least 33% of your workforce, with training.

Show your deep commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) by being sensory-friendly.

The ROI for Being Sensory-Friendly

Need to convince a decision maker that being sensory-friendly is important?

With membership you get the training you need to capture ROI (return on investment):

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The Cost Of Being Sensory-Friendly

Worried about the cost of implementing sensory-friendly solutions? 

It doesn't have to cost a thing. 

With membership, you get access to all the information you need to start with no-cost or low-cost changes that have a large and positive impact on your customers and team.

Fundamentals Membership

Why purchase Fundamentals Membership?

Start your journey to creating sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive experiences for your team and your customers with Fundamentals Membership to learn the basics about sensory sensitivty, sensory overload and being sensory-friendly.

Get instant access to fundamental sensory-friendly training and a ton of free, BONUS materials.

You get: 

  • Sensory Friendly 101 Training Course
  • BONUS #1  Access to our FREE short-documentary, "Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright."
  • BONUS #2 A Self-Assessment Tool to evaluate your location or event ($49 value).
  • BONUS #3 Marketing materials to promote your business or organization as being sensory-friendly ($49 value).
  • BONUS #4 Any new sensory-friendly basics courses, updates to Sensory Friendly 101, and Fundamentals BONUS materials, as they become available for the duration of your membership. (Priceless!)
  • BONUS #5 Various Sensory Friendy Holiday Event Guides (coming early 2024, $99 value).
  • BONUS #6 Sensory Friendly Map Guide (coming early 2024, $99 value).

Limited time introductory offer: $159 CAD annually.

Buy now to get this low price that includes over $296 BONUS materials, for free.

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All Access Membership

Why purchase All Access Membership?

Build on your committment to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) by creating sensory-friendly, accessible, and inclusive experiences for your team and your customers with All Access Membership to get industry-specific training.

Get instant access to comprehensive sensory-friendly training and even more BONUS materials.

You get:

  • EVERYTHING in Fundamentals Membership.
  • BONUS #1 through #6 from Fundamentals ($296 value).
  • BONUS #7 Any updates to Fundamentals Training Courses or Materials (Priceless!).
  • BONUS #8 Immediate access to our highly requested Sensory Friendly Workplaces Course, critical to supporting neurodiversity in any workplace ($199 value).
  • BONUS #9 Access to industry-specific courses (coming early 2024). Pick and choose based on your industry and your interests.  
    • Sensory Friendly Peformances ($199 Value).
    • Sensory Friendly Dentistry ($199 Value).
    • Sensory Friendly Swimming ($199 Value).
    • And many more to follow (Conferences, Hockey Arenas, Restaurants, Art Galleries, and so on....(Priceless!).
  • BONUS #10 Any new industry-specific courses, updates to existing courses, and All Access BONUS materials, as they become available for the duration of your membership (Priceless!). 

Limited time introductory offer: $299 CAD annually.

Buy now to get this low price that includes over $1092 BONUS materials, for free.

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Sensory Sensitivity and Sensory Overload Can Be Experienced by Anyone.

Many disabilities, disorders and differences contribute to the increasing demand for sensory-friendly experiences at locations or events.

FACT:  Autism, hearing loss, PTSD, post-concussion, neurodivergence and trauma, these are all likely experienced by your friends, family and co-workers.  There are over 25 underlying disabilities, disorders or simple sensory differences that make someone more likely to experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.

FACT: Sensory sensitivity and sensory overload aren’t just experienced by disabled persons.  They can be experienced by anyone, at any age, at any time.

SOLUTION: Be part of the solution that makes more people comfortable, feel included and feel like they belong, when you become sensory-friendly trained.

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 "I took Sensory Friendly 101 and Workplaces Training (All Access Membership) for my business to work toward providing a more accessible service and ended up leaving with more information than I thought I would get.

I hope more businesses use their sensory-friendly solutions so I can look forward to a day where I (and I learned in training that over 33% of the population) will feel comfortable going to events and concerts with everyone else."


Crystal Picard, Freelance Content Manager


"Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple."


This mantra of simplicity drives solutions created by Sensory Friendly Solutions with Founder and CEO, Christel Seeberger at the lead.

Working in health care for over 30 years, Christel saw how sensory sensitivity and sensory overload caused people to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed in daily life.

People of all ages simply stopped living life when they could not find sensory-friendly experiences at work, in their community, or when they travelled.

With the disability of adult-onset hearing loss, Christel understands these problems personally; she also experiences sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.

Christel founded Sensory Friendly Solutions to make the world more sensory-friendly for everyone.

Are These Part of Your Organization’s Goals?

  • Appeal to a wider customer base.
  • Create a comfortable environment for both your team, and your customer.
  • Reduce barriers and increase accessibility.
  • Attract an underserved market.
  • Stand apart from your competition.
  • Make DEI a clear part of your business.
  • Generate goodwill and positive earned media.
  • Be a business that does good in the world.
  • Strengthen your community leadership.

 Choose your Membership to Deliver These Outcomes Today!

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